The Ultimate Gold Prayer

This prayer was taken around and said at 16 churches in Stratford as a prayer relay on Sunday 29th April. It is the official prayer of "Ultimate Gold".

Father God,

We offer ourselves to you now and thank you for your heart of grace, open to receive our prayers.

We bring to you people around the world who at this moment are preparing for this year's Olympic and Paralympic Games. Please protect each one with your Spirit’s power, and encourage every individual to enter into the events of 2012 with a spirit of unity and peace.

We pray for those who are finishing preparations at each of the Olympic venues in the UK, that they may feel their talents and energy have been well used and experience the fulfillment of being part of the Olympic dream.

We pray for the organisers of the Games, at every level, that they will display integrity in every area of their work to every nation taking part.

We pray for the security of the athletes, the venues and the community. Please cover everything and everyone with your protection and power.

We pray for the athletes as they prepare themselves physically and mentally, and seek to achieve their best performance.

We pray for the Church in the UK as we mobilise ourselves to lead the community in celebration. We pray especially for the "Ultimate Gold" festival here in Stratford. Father, we ask for a great spirit of joy, unity and co-operation between the churches involved. Father, give us faith and the ability to take hold of this amazing opportunity to build your Kingdom.

Thank you for our faith, which is worth MORE THAN GOLD, and help us to engage with the 2012 Games and Ultimate Gold through the power of your Spirit.