Ultimate Gold

27th July – 12th August and 29th August – 9th September 2012

Stratford Church Leaders are planning a major outreach during
the Olympic and Paralympic Games in East London this summer
– the "Ultimate Gold".

Photo of St. John's Churchyard
A "rehearsal" outreach event in Summer 2011.
People in blue are the Team Members from Through Faith Missions

The above space is St. John's Churchyard, less than a mile from the main Olympic Stadium in Stratford. Stratford Church Leaders want to respond positively to the mission opportunities provided by the Olympic and Paralympic Games by welcoming the huge numbers of visitors, and sharing the Christian message with them. We also want to engage with the local community, and help them to be part of the Olympic experience.

The leaders of 18 churches in Stratford have been meeting together on a regular basis for the past few years. For more information on Stratford Churches, and for a list of all the churches that are involved, please go to the separate page on this website "Who We Are". We have held "rehearsal" outreach events, the "Ultimate Goal" in 2010 and the "Ultimate Dream" in 2011 (there are pictures on this website), and local church members have participated in many training sessions. We plan to use our church buildings, together with the large open space in St. John's Churchyard, to create a series of different zones offering prayer, hospitality, children's activities, Christian Arts and entertainment, debate and discussion, and large-screen coverage of key events during the Games. We also expect to offer a variety of appropriate worship opportunities. We will be working with Through Faith Missions who will provide a staff evangelist and a core team of trained volunteer evangelists; also with More than Gold, Share Jesus International, YWAM (who are sending various teams to the Stratford area during 2012) and Open Air Campaigners.

WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS : We would like to have a network of Churches who are committed to praying for us both over the next few months as we make final preparations, and also during the outreach in the summer. This website will be kept updated with prayer requests.

ARE YOU ABLE TO HELP WITH THE COSTS? We would also like to ask Churches and individuals to assist us with the cost of the outreach. We expect the total bill to be £35,000 and so far we've raised just over £29,000. Detailed financial information is available on request. We would be grateful if Churches could make a donation from their mission-giving budgets. For further details about making a donation please contact Rev. David Richards of St. John's Church, Stratford, on 020 8503 1913 or email david.richards@stjohnse15.co.uk.