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Personal Beliefs Survey Analysis

There were a total of 169 surveys completed during the week. Numbers shown are absolute rather then percentages, as some respondents gave more than one answer to some questions and some respondents did not answer all questions on the survey.

What do you believe about God? God is...
Other responses given: Miracle God; known but distant; we know God, we hear about God; I believe in God; Faith; Lord Jesus Christ; God's in your heart; Sun; universal; alive; everyone has God within in them; don't know God is the only one; a spiritual thing; almighty father; we are all unsure; supreme being; creator (x 2); great; one God.

What do you believe happens at the end of our lives?
Other responses given: Continue to live on earth in another realm; all be in heaven; earth to earth; nobody knows exactly; resurrected; next life not earth, some other place; after life or try again; beyond our understanding.

What do you belive about Jesus?
Other responses given: man who helped; don't know; a special man; great teacher; is not the only son; a philosopher; is my personal Lord and Saviour; good people are Jesus's.

If you could ask God a question what would it be?
Other responses given: why don't you answer my questions?; why did you save me?; when is the messiah coming?; why do people take so long to discover their gift/talent?; what does God want me to do; everybody worship the same God; answered; can't question God; what happens next?; could God answer all these questions without the removal of free will?; bring back her children; why don't you let us get close to you?; why do you let such bad things happen?; nothing (x 3).

If you could know God personally, would you be interested?
Other responses given: already know God/have a relationship with him (x 9); God is the judge, final judgement; I'd love a better one, but that's down to me.