The Ultimate Goal The Ultimate Goal

Lost for Words?

Christianity isn't an 'ism' or an 'ology': it's a person - Jesus Christ - alive today and making all the difference in the world to countless adults, teenagers and children.

Good news, or what?

So why is it that so many of us feel hesitant and uncomfortable when everyday life brings opportunities to talk about our faith with friends, co-workers and a host of other contacts?

Lost for Words? offers a practical approach to helping people 'find their voice' and speak confidently and naturally about their faith. Over 6 weeks, the course's active learning style ensures you have a lot of fun along the way.

Course outline

Evangelism, trouble or joy?
Why do we find it so difficult to talk about our faith?

Connecting well
People don't come cold to matters of belief. How do we explore our faith and their beliefs?

Getting started
What opportunities are likely to come our way and how do we respond?

Telling our story
How can we talk about our own experience of God in a way that is helpful for others?

Telling God's story
How can we express what Christians believe about Jesus clearly and simply?

Keeping going
Identifying ways to keep on keeping on, as well as a commissioning service.

Lost for Words?
will run at St. John's throughout Lent, on

Sundays, 1pm - 2pm (following the morning service) starting on Sunday 21st February

Wednesdays, 8pm-9.30pm starting on Wednesday 24th February

in preparation for the "Ultimate Goal" mission in June.

Everyone Welcome